Methods of Tutoring

Skype – I am based out of Orlando, FL but many of you live all around the country. Skype offers a free and great service for us to communicate through a video call. Through Skype, we will use the “Screen Share” option which gives me the opportunity to watch what is on your screen during each tutoring session. This allows us to read through and discuss simulations together in addition to providing a view for me to watch the choices you make and learn how you navigate through each simulation.

Telephone – If Skype is not a viable option for you, we can also work together over the telephone. When tutoring this way, we will both work on the same simulation and talk through the case over the telephone.

In person – I am located in Orlando, FL. If you live locally, we can discuss the option of providing tutoring services in person.


The fee for tutoring services is $50 for one hour and $25 for each additional half hour. For example, a 90 minute tutoring session in $75.

My goal is to work with you collaboratively. Therefore the frequency and duration of tutoring sessions will be decided by you. I will offer suggestions and recommendations, but in the end, you determine what works best for you.

Payment is accepted via PayPal. Following a tutoring session, an invoice is emailed to you with instructions on how to remit payment using PayPal.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss services.

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